Hand stock ownership to your employees and reduce turnover

Create ESOP's or RSU's and give benefits to your employees with ease.

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Built to completely eliminate the hassle involved in giving your employees the benefits they deserve.

Keeping your best talent is a great way to grow your company. Encourage your employees to grow with you by giving them slices of your company with GetEquity.

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Offer employees stock options on your own terms

Choose the vesting period, cliff and maturity from one simple and intuitive dashboard.

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Manage your stock options when people join and leave your company

Initiate and Liquidate stocks,manage the cap table and control assets when employees join or leave the company. You've got all the power in one place.

Set Up Employee Stock Options The Easy Way

  • 1

    Create An Account

    Sign up and select Employee Benefits feature.

  • 2

    Create Your Underlying Asset

    Set up the asset from which you would like to hand out shares.

  • 3

    Provide Shares Information

    Add total company shares, amount of shares allocated to employees and company valuation.

  • 4

    Invite Your Employees

    Send out invite to your employees to partake in the stock options you setup for them.

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