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100’s of companies from Africa’s top startups, seed to post IPO, unicorns to invest in

GetEquity allows investors to find, create, and diversify investment portfolios by accessing new investment opportunities, trade-in digital security assets, invest in local SMEs, and improve liquidity.

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Investment Experience tailored for you : Short or long term

Fund emerging, high growth, promising innovations at a click of the button, invest alongside mission driven individuals like you, changing the future today.

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    Fund your wallet easily and start investing immediately

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    Access top emerging and growing opportunities today

  • Your Asset, Secured Safely

    Your asset is always secured, we use state of the art security to guarantee your digital asset stays safe, at all times

  • Build Your Networth As You Go

    Fund amazing opportunities, meet awesome like minded individuals, create funding communities, keep your employees happy - there's a whole world to fund

It’s frictionless. Unlock your biggest assets with the right opportunity

Experience tradable revenue streams, develop new strategies, encourage thoughtful, effortless investments

Portfolio groups, Syndicates & Communities

Create an exclusive (private) community of co-investors with mission-inclined goal

Automate your capital calls, seamlessly trade your assets and securities while getting a front row seat to the best deals on the market, all at the touch of a button. GetEquity helps you to effectively manage your investor relations.

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Find investors whose goals align with yours and get building

Finding investors who share your vision can be a tough nut to crack so we have created a product with you in mind. GetEquity puts you, the founder in the driver’s seat, as you build a community of investors to help you build the future.

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Green House Capital

“At GreenHouse we look to invest in companies that are pushing sectors into the future. Asset tokenisation on the blockchain has the potential to unlock massive capital activity, especially in developing markets, and the consequence of that resonates with our mission.”

Bunmi Akinyemiju
Bunmi Akinyemiju


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